reFreshing reSabi

These days I’ve been making numerous changes to reSabi and now the website looks totally different yet still recognizable.

reSabi Summer island

These are some of the changes:

  • The reSabi Navigator (head menu) has been completely reworked in order to make it easier to access the notifications, account options, publishing, the most important community pages, the featured network blogs and much more. Also, the annoying bug preventing the notifications to show has been fixed.
  • The home and other pages with an activity stream have been redesigned so the current action stands out (literally) in the menu.
  • A new fresh theme has been applied for this summer, so the whole site looks much cooler now and has a positive refreshing effect on the user. See the poster above.
  • The registration page has also been purged in order to make it less user-repelling and reorganized in a more neat way.
  • reSabi TV now has it’s own logo. Redesign and reorganization coming soon!

reSabi TV Logo

So much for now. See you soon with more news from the resabi Studio!

About Eduard Jovanovic

Belgrade based designer specializing in Web, UI and Identity design. Also a web developer, illustrator, photographer, blogger. Founder of reSabi Media.
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